Employment lawyer in Darwin: Problems they can help resolve

It’s important to know your rights as a worker. It doesn’t matter if you work part-time or full-time. You don’t have to endure abuse just because you need money to live—you can fight back. If you are experiencing one of these situations below, an employment lawyer Darwin has today can help you.

1. Harassment from your boss or coworkers

No one looks forward to work with a side dish of dread. If a co-worker’s repeating actions are affecting your overall health, it’s time to take action. Harassment is a form of Discrimination, which is illegal in all workplaces Australia wide. If someone is bullying, discriminating, or harassing you, then get legal advice from an employment lawyer Darwin in Australia today.

2. Unfair dismissal

Got sacked by your employer in an unreasonable and untimely manner? You can apply for an Unfair Dismissal claim. Within 21 days after your official dismissal, you must submit an application. If you succeed, you might get either your job back or a compensation. To complete the entire application process effectively, you can get help from an employment lawyer Darwin residents trust.

3. Superannuation complaints

An employment lawyer can also help you process your complaint submission to the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal. The latter is an authoritative but non-profit, third-party body that helps workers resolve super fund conflicts. While they can’t act to help you get a compensation, they can confirm that the trustee hasn’t been unfair with settling a claim.

4. Discrimination

Under Australia’s four federal anti-discrimination laws, it’s illegal to discriminate an employee because of their age, sex, gender, disability, or race. Therefore, if you’ve been denied with benefits, rejected from a job application, or treated unfavorably because of any of those factors, get legal assistance. An Australian employment lawyer Darwin has today can assist you in processing your complaint.

5. Redundancy

When workers get terminated because of redundancy, it’s not really fault-based. And, sadly, if you got sacked because of redundancy, you can’t apply for an Unfair Dismissal claim. However, if you haven’t received your redundancy pay or got less than the calculated payment, you can hire an employment lawyer Darwin has these days to help you.

6. Workers compensation

If you were injured on site and were refused the appropriate compensation, you’ll need the help of an employment lawyer. Some insurance companies and employers have a tendency to delay—or even ignore—the workers’ applications for their rightful benefits. Because of this, you will be better off in hiring an employment attorney earlier. He or she can help you negotiate the settlement you deserve. Additionally, they will represent you at a hearing, if necessary.

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Starting Early on your Business Succession: The Key to Progress

The most common problem in businesses in Japan today is the delay of a business succession. Most companies don’t really think about the dire consequences of a delayed succession. From additional costs in training the successors to the company’s blatant routine setbacks due to the abruptness of the situation, a delayed succession really disrupts an entire company. In this type of case, what they need to do is plan way ahead and consult with a tax accountant for business succession. More information 税理士 事業承継

If you’re a business owner in Japan, even consulting an accounting firm is not enough if you have been procrastinating on the succession. Moreover, here are reasons to consult with a tax accountant for business succession now:

– Starting early will prevent you from encountering drastic surprises. So being way ahead of the situation will give you a distant overview of the legalities and processes you have to streamline. Click here Attax Group

– Usually, you need five to six years, or even more, to prepare for the succession and your successor.

– Also, starting early with the succession practices will help you provide additional funds for your successor if they don’t have enough capital to invest. See more at