DUI and its Consequences under the Law

To know how to drive may be considered an individual right, but getting a license to drive is a privilege. It comes with responsibility to safeguard your possessions—your life and property. Needless to say, when you drive drunk and get caught, you’re unfortunate. And if accidents involving injury or loss of a life happen and you’re in the influence of alcohol and other illegal substance, you’re finished! You will need the service of a Criminal Defense Attorney to get you out of the tragedy.

DUI Laws and Penalties in Georgia

In Georgia, DUI or driving under the influence is a mode of operating vehicles with blood alcohol content of 0.08%, 0.04% and 0.02%, or higher, for drivers age 21, for those using commercial motor vehicles, and those younger than 21 years old, respectively. Thus, DUI and charges depend on the age, type if license and previous convictions (if any).

Georgia takes DUI a serious case, unlike some states. It has zero level of tolerance for violators under 21 years old. Usually, penalties include revocation and license suspension, fines, jail time or school time, and increase in the rates of car insurance. Other penalties like placing ignition interlock devices, or restricted driving permits are also possible and granted on a privilege.

What to Expect When Charged with DUI

If the offender is 15 years old, or below, a fee will be collected, suspension of license until the age of 17 is reached, plus the person will undergo a drug/alcohol risk reduction program at the latter’s own costs. For ages 16-20, offenders will face 6 months to 5 years suspension of driver’s license, a corresponding fee, plus DUI alcohol/drug risk reduction program. For repeat offenders, a clinical assessment and treatment is a requirement.

Moreover, if the violator is 21 years old and older, he will face 1-3 years license suspension, a fine, fees for reinstatement of the license, a seminar/ program on alcohol/drug risk reduction, jail time of no more than 1 year, a mandatory community service that totals to 40 hours to 30 days, restricted driving permit, or revocation of license for 5 years to repeated offenders. And as a matter of privilege for those having 2 offenses within the 5 year period, you will be eligible for interlock ignition device at your own expense, except due to financial considerations.

Now, on the query “will I loose my license” if the offense is driving under the influence of controlled substance or possession of marijuana? Inside or outside of your car, it will also affect ones driving privileges. Possible sanctions include 180 days to 5 years license suspension, as well as other penalties specified above. Check out

Normally, drivers operating commercial vehicles will face higher gravity of penalties as compared to those with regular drivers’ license. It will be handled by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA.

Encompassing all ages of offenders, the law in Georgia requires them to undergo the risk reduction programs that are in two components: the assessment and intervention. Along with your criminal defense attorney, the judge will inform you on the list of accredited DUI schools with the required policies, specifically attendance.

All DUI conviction comes with license suspension. Nevertheless, the gravity of the offense makes it a steeper hill to climb to get you out of the predicament. A criminal defense attorney will help you make a rough scenario into a smooth situation. Consult him/her first before offering a plea on a trial.